The Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers
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Residential & Commercial Controls Standards

ANSI/NEMA C93.1-1999American National Standard for Requirements for Power-Line Carrier Coupling Capacitors and Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CCVTs)
NEMA DC 10-2009Residential Controls-Temperature Limit Controls for Electric Baseboard Heaters
NEMA DC 12-1985 (R1991, R1996, R2002, R2008, R2013)Residential Controls-Hot Water Immersion Controls
NEMA DC 13-1979 (R1985, R1991, R1997, R2002, R2008, R2013)Residential Controls-Line Voltage Integrally Mounted Thermostats for Electric Heaters
NEMA DC 20-1992 (R2003, R2009)Residential Controls-Class 2 Transformers
NEMA DC 2-1982 (R1988)Quick-Connect Terminals
NEMA DC 3, Annex A-2013Energy-Efficiency Requirements for Programmable Thermostats
NEMA DC 3-2013Residential Controls-Electrical Wall-Mounted Room Thermostats
NEMA DC 5-1989 (R1996, R2002, R2008)Residential Controls-Surface-Type Controls for Electric Storage Water Heaters
NEMA ST 20-2014Dry Type Transformers for General Applications
ST 1-1988 (R1994, R1997)Specialty Transformers (Except General Purpose Type)